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If you have never looked into the aids-controversy before, you may be surprised that there are quite a few books which having been written by top scientists and journalists. See below a brief selection.












23 April 2005 = AIDS CRITICS DAY










Dear Reader,

the IDEA to have a JOINT ACTION DAY on every 23rd April is new, but has been positively supported by some of the most active members of the AIDS DISSIDENT community. The aim is to strengthen communication between aids-critical people and groups, and to make the general public aware of the fact, that there are many critical voices about the “HIV causes AIDS” theory. Please read some quotes:


I think this is a huge idea, to have parallel seminars all around the world. It doesn't matter if they are big seminars or small ones. The idea is to create a mass concience and we have to begin NOW, this year.
Organize every one a special meeting with friends, at your schools, with your family, at church, or at your club... We have to be together generating this energy of truth and love to human beings.
We are having this
2 day seminar in Peru with no money, no support of any institution, just with guts and lots of faith in what we are doing. We are borrowing money, asking friends to support us, some friends have connections with printers to make the flyers, posters, etc... We will pay after the seminar.
Every one in Monarcas will help with something, we dont have to be rich to do this.
Please JOIN US! This 23rd April will be the first day that will unite the planet and will shake the minds of many people, blinded by power.
Lets help people live in health, truth and love. Big hug
Maria Grazia Gonzales / President MONARCAS PERU  



The anniversary of the infamous day back in nineteen eighty four when Margaret Hekler announced to the whole world the scientific discovery of a virus in connection with AIDS, also that an application had been made for patenting this "discovery", and, finally, that the US authorities had approved "HIV"-tests.

From this one ill considered and unsubstantiated announcement, the entire multi billion dollar 'AIDS' scam has grown. To mark this day, the 'AIDS' dissident movement has made April 23rd a 'Day of Action'.

We ask EVERYONE to make at least one posting on the topic of the myth. We mean everyone!

How ever busy you are please find time to do this. POST ON 'AIDS' boards, news groups, open publishing boards like IndyMedia or even Craigs List.


Paul King / Founder - DISSIDENTACTION.COM more...


This sounds like a great idea! One thing that I just realized is that a better English term for April 23rd is "AIDS CRITICS DAY"... because "Critical AIDS Day" is ambiguous and could mean a number of different things.

David Crowe / President - Alberta Reappraising AIDS Society   more...


Great posts to get us moving. They inspired me to update my chapter "The Condom Conspiray", to make it a lot more agressive than I originally wrote it in 1995.  more...

By the way, one of my e-mail contacts sent me a link today to several streaming video and audio tracks. You can find them here: Are you guys familiar with all of these? You see Eleni, Peter Duesberg, Root Bernstein, and a lot more famous people from our camp. There are also 2 interviews with Christine.

Dr. Wilhelm Godschalk  


Thanks for your efforts in exposing the biggest blunder and hoax in medical history.

Best wishes, John Lauritsen / Author of the mindblowing book “The Aids War”     more...


Anniversary of a Medical Tragedy

author: Questioning AIDS
Marking the anniversary of the announcement that HIV is the probable cause of AIDS.
Today marks the 21st anniversary of the press conference where it was announced that HIV was the probable cause of AIDS. Since that fateful day, almost all discussion relating to other causes of the two original illnesses defined as AIDS have been marginalized, if not nullified.
Over the years 27 more diseases would be attributed to the effects of infection with this retrovirus. The definition of AIDS itself has also changed since then. The public has accepted all of this unquestioningly.
We've seem to have no difficulty believing the contradictory information concerning HIV and AIDS. We don't bat an eye when we're told what amazing feats this retrovirus is capable of. Worst of all, we simply don't question. Period.
It's way past time to start asking basic questions about HIV and AIDS. Here's a beginner's list.

1. What are retroviruses, and what do they do?
2. How do HIV tests work?
3. Why is there no standard to determine HIV infection?
4. How can an immune system be producing antibodies yet still be considered to be fatally crippled?
5. Why hasn't HIV been isolated according to Koch's Postulates? And why should that concern you?
6. How can Africa (a large, rurally-populated continent) be ravaged by AIDS, yet the densely-populated West (Europe and the US)isn't?
7. Exactly how does HIV go about reducing T-cell counts? The story keeps changing. Why doesn't that seem to raise a red flag?
8. How accurate are T-cell counts in determining clinical health?
9. AIDS drugs come with long lists of side-effects, many of which are the same as the symptoms of AIDS. How do you know which symptom is AIDS and which is caused by the drugs?
These are just a handful of questions. Twenty-one years have passed. It's time to start asking very basic questions.

 Join the discussion “Anniversary of a Medical Tragedy” here...

At Portland Indymedia, thanks to the editorial board, the “Anniversary of a Medical Tragedy” was placed as the TOP story of the day. One could only hope that other publishing groups also took a far more active stand to an issue which affects millions of people worldwide. more...


to support the idea of a an AIDS CRITICS DAY please add YOUR COMMENTS and forward to relevant newspapers...

23rd April 2005 = AIDS CRITICS DAY / Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

On the 23rd April 1984, Dr. Robert Gallo declared on a press conference in Washington, that he had discovered a Virus (HTLV-III lateron to renamed as HIV) the probable cause for AIDS.

During these past 21 years, billions of dollars have been spend on scientific research to find a vaccine or a cure. So far with no adequate result.

So wouldn´t it be time perhaps to apply the same principles of "controlling" as in any other industry? Isn't the time ripe for some kind of rethinking with regards to the whole "HIV causes AIDS" theory?

Furtheron, there is a growing number of critical doctors, scientists and politicians to the rather onesided views that have been published about the aids pandemic.

This letter would be tooo long to go into detail on all the different aspects, that critical scientists have pointed out, but the main points of aids criticism are:

So far HIV has NOT fulfilled the
"Koch postulates" (The worldwide excepted criteria to prove that a microbe is the cause for an illness, developed over a hundred years ago by the german scientist Robert Koch)

HIV has not been isolated from other body cell material.

There is NO electromagnetic
photo of HIV available. What has been published many times are either computer animations or photos from cell material with no specifics as requested by strict scientific rules.

In view of the development over the last 21 years, wouldn´t it be a responsibility from the media to inform the general public about these concerns?

How come, that there are discussions accepted about complementary therapies when someone has high blood pressure, a heart attack or even cancer, while the "HIV causes AIDS" theory seems to be repeated again and again almost like a religious dogma and people who question this are labelled "dissidents" "denialists" "communists" "new age thinkers" "flat earthers" or even "nazi's".

Fact of the matter is, that there are over
2000 scientists worldwide who have voiced aids critical opinions. This list includes highly acclaimed scientists and nobel price winners like Prof. Kary Mullis.

More and more people who have been diagnosed HIV+ refuse to take the so called
"aids cocktails" because there are reports that these are highly toxic (especially AZT) and alternatively resort to a healthy lifestyle combined with a mixture of natural remedies and other complementary methods.

Furtheron there are over 9000 signatures from people worldwide, who have signed the
petition of truth initiated by President Thabo Mbeki from South Africa.

There are hundreds of websites where one can read some of the critical comments about HIV and AIDS.

There are millions of results from searchengines, if one enters any of the
“aids-critics” keywords.

In view of all these, and quite a few more facts, the main question is: "Why are the mainstream media outlets sooo reluctant to publish anything to do with

Could it be true, that the pressure from pharmaceutical companies to reduce advertising is so much bigger, then the often resorted terms of "democratic flow of information" "free speech" and the "freedom of opinion" as practised with most parts of reporting about a given topic?

We, the growing number of aids-critical people worldwide will make the 23rd April 2005 the first
"DAY of ACTION" and will voice our criticism about the various aspects of the "HIV causes AIDS" theory and the consequences individually and socially.

The main scientific event on the
23rd April 2005 is the 2 day seminar "EL SIDA SI SE CURA" in Peru under the medical leadership from Dr. Roberto Giraldo. Please support that event, because there will be widespread medical repercussions, at least for most of South America... Please take also into consideration, that there are not many events that have taken place as big as the one in Peru, where critical scientific opinions are voiced by TOP doctors and scientists...

Please publish something about the
AIDS CRITICS DAY on 23rd April 2005.

Thanking you for your support.

Kind Regards

Hugo Webber
Information and Communications
Http:// / team

please see relevant weblinks here >>

23rd April 2005 = AIDS CRITICS DAY

What can YOU do on 23rd April = CRITICAL AIDS DAY?

Dia Critico del SIDA

Over 2000 have doctors, scientists and concerned people have signed the petition to support                                      "The Group for the Scientific Reappraisal of the HIV-AIDS Hypothesis"

Is “HIV” REALLY THE CAUSE OF AIDS? a few hundred aids quotes

Over 2000 people on the list from Alberta Reappraising Aids Society

Over 9000 people have signed the Petition to support President Thabo
Mbeki / South Africa

More quotes and links from AIDS-Critics

Top 100 AIDS Science Inconsistencies

Here are some forums from aids critical people, to show you, that all the above is not just plain theory, but an ever growing number of concerned people discuss the various topics of HIV-AIDS from an alternative point of view. When will YOU join us?

join the forum discussions about April 23rd

dissidents action (english)

aidsmythexposed (english)

german forum (german/english)

latino forum (spanish/english)

for further research, please enter any combination of keywords below. You'll be surprised...

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My gigs are nice and small and won't be noticed too much. I'm putting your notice up on my 'Why Bono and HIV/AIDS Inc. will be stopped' But that's already huge and not sure who reads it at the moment.
I can put it on to Africa they're suspicious of the whole thing. Also
Sydney Indymedia have a discussion going.  CU-ca / escapevirus


see also >>

aids radio

aids videos

23rd april 1984

23rd april = critical aids day


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